Covid-19 Outbreak: Universities in Victoria Take Classes Online

Given the recent surge of Coronavirus cases and rate of alarm in Victoria, here at Meld Magazine, we want to help you understand what your university has planned for the next few weeks. If you are confused about what’s going on with your uni right now, read on!

University of Melbourne

Since March 17th, Unimelb has ceased all face-to-face lectures that contain more than 500 enrolled students. The university will also move tutorials and seminars that are above 25 students online as well (though classes that are smaller in sizes have been moved online at their own discretion too).

All museums, galleries and Melbourne University Sports facilities have been closed too. However, libraries will remain open as formal discussion spaces but with increased seating densities and cleaning services.

Monash University

All lectures, tutorials and applied sessions in Monash University are being shifted online. Meanwhile, practicals, workshops (on campus), studios and laboratories are postponed as well. Semester 1 face-to-face exams will also be cancelled and shifted to a take-home or electronic alternative.

All students that remain on campus will be made to follow mandatory social distancing of 1.5 meters. All furniture in common areas such as libraries and laboratories will be rearranged to accommodate these requirements.

RMIT University

RMIT Lectures, tutorials and workshops will continue on as normal, but students will be given the option of not attending physically, which is up to the discretion of the subject’s tutors and coordinators.

Though no official statements have been made, face-to-face exams are planned to be shifted to an online or take-home format.

La Trobe University

From March 17th onwards, tutorials at La Trobe University are slowly being shifted to an online format. Then from March 24th onwards, these classes will be online only. However, for classes that are still face-to-face, class student numbers will be adjusted accordingly to fit into DHHS guidelines. Students are encouraged to avoid going onto campus as much as possible.

Victoria University

On-campus classes will be suspended from the week of March 23rd to 27th. Then from the 30th onwards, Victoria University classes that can be shifted to an online format will be changed. Social distancing is also implemented on campus as well.

Swinburne University

On-campus classes were postponed from March 17th to 20th, and starting from March 23rd, lectures and a majority of tutorials will be shifted online. There have been no confirmed plans for classes that have difficulty in transferring to an online format from Swinburne University

Universities are taking extensive measures to ensure classes are still running, stay in touch with our social media to stay updated!

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