State of Origin in Victoria

WHETHER you’re a rugby fanatic or simply a sports lover, don’t miss out on the chance to see rugby league’s greatest contest live when it comes to Victoria. Tim Morgan has the story.

A typical State of Origin game filled to capacity. Photo: Pierre Roudier via flickr

It isn’t often that Australians in Victoria give breath, let alone news space, to a ball sport other than Aussie rules football. But there are three words that makes them sit up and take note:

State of Origin.

State of Origin is an annual series of three rugby league football matches between New South Wales (Blues) and Queensland (Maroons), the two heartlands of rugby league football.

The concept began in 1980, when New South Wales and Queensland played a rugby league match to decide the better state. Players for each team were selected based on which state they had played their junior rugby in – hence the name, State of Origin.

Since then, Origin has flourished into a dramatic and intense competition where players generally throw caution to the wind to engage in some of the most heated and spirited battles ever played out on a sporting field.

Games are either played in NSW or Queensland, but this year, the State of Origin is kicking off in Victoria.

On May 23, Etihad Stadium will be a sea of Maroon and Blue as Australians in Victoria pick a side and experience arguably the pinnacle of rugby league football.

Will Queensland, which has won the past six State of Origins (a record), continue their dominance or will 2012 see the resurgence of the Blues?

If you’re even remotely interested in rugby or sports in general, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see rugby league’s greatest contest live when it arrives in Victoria.

Match tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster either online or by calling 136 100. Tickets are still available and start from $30 for standing room.Alternatively, you can catch the live broadcast of the game at 7.30pm on Channel Nine.

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