Mad Mex leads the Mexican food wave in Melbourne

FIND out why Mad Mex is leading the Mexican food wave in Melbourne, and take part in a competition to win a free meal on the house for you and a friend!


Mad Mex QV is a fantastic setting for a lunch catch up, a leisurely project meeting, or a quick bite in between lectures with friends.

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Melbourne has well and truly succumbed to the Mexican phenomenon. More than ever, Melburnians are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking what to have for lunch or dinner… and Mad Mex saves the day with the Mexican Revolution!

Conveniently located on Red Cape Lane at QV Melbourne, Mad Mex QV brings their take of Baja Mexican to students, the corporate crowd and city-dwellers. Serving up the authentic flavours of Mexico, combined with a fresh Californian influence – you’ll definitely be in for a treat!

Each Mad Mex store boasts a different atmosphere,  the one at QV is spacious, and, as franchise owner Brad McMaster describes it,  “very chilled” – which makes for a fantastic setting for a lunch catch up, a leisurely project meeting, or a quick bite in between lectures with friends.

A meal at Mad Mex won’t hurt your wallet either. Prices start from $7.90 for a  small burrito (which is not so small!) full with rice, beans and a meat or vegetable filling of your choice.

And… being a student does have its perks! Students can purchase drinks for just $1 upon presentation of their student ID.There are also special promotions running, especially on Friday nights.

Healthy meals at Mad Mex

Brad takes pride in Mad Mex’s transparency when it comes to the ingredients used to dish up meal after meal.

“We’ve never hidden behind anything we put into our food. We’re committed to a very healthy, clean product. For example, we only use rice bran oil to cook with which is 100 per cent trans fat free,”  he says.

Mad Mex QV Melbourne

Healthy eating. Chicken, freshly grilled and served at Mad Mex.

Their approach has won them fans and numerous awards, including the “I  Love Food” Award, naming them Australia’s favourite Mexican restaurant.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Mexican food especially when you can customise your meal at Mad Mex.

“You can decide on any given day that you would like to cut down on carbs, , so you don’t have the rice. Or you might be avoiding sour cream and cheese because you want to cut down on calories ,” says Brad.

Delicious flavours of Mexico at Mad Mex

You won’t find bland and dry fillings at Mad Mex either!

You can choose from five filling varieties: chicken, beef, pork, steak and vegetables. These reflect the authentic flavours of Mexico, with a chipotle marinade for the chicken and beef. The beef and pork fillings are slow-roasted for twelve hours till the meat is meltingly tender.


Dig in to the burritos and tacos at Mad Mex for a taste of Mexico.

Veggie lovers, don’t fret – there’s a vego option for you, with freshly sautéed eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms, topped with a generous dollop of guacamole, for free!

If you’re after something a little more traditional, the burritos and tacos are the best sellers at Mad Mex QV. On a wet and cold day, you might choose to have a quesadilla – a Mexican take on grilled cheese. For a more substantial option, order the decadent Grande Melt: a quesadilla with  all the ingredients you’d like, rolled up into a burrito and toasted.

Also check out the Naked Burrito,a burrito without the wrap, served in a bowl with your choice of fillings or salsas, cheese, lettuce, and optional beans and/or rice. It’s a great low-carb option if you’re watching your diet or if you’d like a quick and easy takeaway lunch without the fuss of having to eat with your hands.

For the health conscious, you can swap white rice for brown rice with coriander and lime, or choose wholewheat tortillas. And the best part is, you can do all that without incurring any additional costs.  In line with Mad Mex’s commitment to healthy eating, you can use the Mad Mex nutritional calculator to help you work out a suitable meal choice and find out the nutritional breakdown of the meal you have chosen.

Mad Mex QV Melbourne

If you’re looking for a low-carb option, do try the Naked Burrito at Mad Mex.

Mad Mex specially imports a Mexican soda called Jarritos. Served complete with a lime wedge, it’s a refreshing complement to your meal. You’ll be glad to know too that Jarritos is flavoured with natural cane sugar – so no nasty chemicals in your soda, and definitely worth a sip.

A tasty meal that’s made with wholesome ingredients and value for money – what more can you ask for? Actually, yes, you could have more, simply by telling us…

What filling would you put in your ultimate dream burrito?

The most creative entry will receive a free meal for you and a friend! Three runner-ups will also be chosen to win a meal for one at Mad Mex. The competition closes Wednesday March 13 and is open to readers in Victoria only. Please remember to provide your real name and a valid email address, and winners will be notified via email. The vouchers are only valid at Mad Mex QV, and not with any other offer.

Mad Mex QV is located on Red Cape Lane, corner of Swanston and Lonsdale streets, and is open Sunday to Thursday 11am to 9pm, and Friday and Saturday 11am to 10pm. 



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  1. lisa pout

    ultimate burrito would be a pizza burrito, it would contain beef, bacon, ham, salami, mushrooms and onions with lots and lots of mozzarella cheese and the sause would be a tomato pizza sauce!

  2. Min Yi Teh

    I’d love a seafood bonanza burrito with smoke salmon, succulent prawns, crispy potato chips, salsa sauce, some mayo, hint of cream cheese and fresh tomato n lettuce

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