Thinking of staying at Tune Hotel in Melbourne? Here’s what it will cost you.

THE opening of budget accommodation Tune Hotel in Melbourne might just ease the burden on the wallets of visiting friends and family. Daniel Driscoll gives you the low-down. 

Photo: Trip Advisor

Photo: Trip Advisor

If you’re tired of roughing it out at a backpacker’s hostel, budget hotels like Tune could be a great alternative. The starting price is a step above a hostel, but it may be a small price to pay for privacy and comfort.

The hotel offers basics for a minimal price, with a pay-as-you-use system for optional, energy-consuming amenities such as air-conditioning and entertainment.

Rooms run from $75 to $175 a night. The initial price will get you a basic room with a bed and shower.

Any extras can be purchased online or at the desk while at the hotel.

It is recommended you purchase extras online as everything except late check-out and early check-in is more expensive when purchased at the desk. These include:

  • Towel and toiletries $2.20
  • 24-hour Wi–Fi (two devices) $6.60
  • Entertainment package with Foxtel cable TV $4.40
  • Early check-in (before 2pm) $22
  • Late check-out (after 11am) $22
  • Storage per bag $2.20
  • Car park per day $15
  • Add-on room cleaning $10
  • Comfort pack (including Wi-Fi, entertainment pack and towel and toiletries) $11
Photo: Trip Advisor

Photo: Trip Advisor

Travel review sites such as Trip Advisor have so far generally registered positive feedback of Melbourne’s Tune Hotel, and the majority of users have given the hotel a very good rating.

One guest who was attracted to stay at the hotel because of its price and location said that though rooms were small, they were well appointed, and found the shower/bathroom facilities “much better than most more expensive places” at which he had stayed.

Another reviewer, TokyoSimon, was more negative about pricing and felt everything added up to a substantial amount of money.

Other guests complained about room sizes or the lack of extras despite having paid for them before arriving.

The company however appears to be quick to respond to negative reviews on Trip Advisor, offering up solutions or apologies to complaints made. In one instance, additional staff training was provided after a guest complained staff were not equipped to deal with a fire alarm that went off in the middle of the night.

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