Working it out: A day in the life of… project with the City of Melbourne

HAVE you ever wandered around your city and wondered about the stories hidden within? We’re embarking on an exciting new project that will bring to life the people and faces that make up the City of Melbourne. 

Working it out: A day in the life of... project

The City of Melbourne is home to some 30,000 international students in TAFEs and universities. We are all familiar with the cityscape, but often we bypass cafe owners, street performers, and other people who hold this city together with unanswered questions.

Who are they? What part do they play in making this city what it is?

Thanks to funding from the City of Melbourne’s Community Services Grant 2014, we are pleased to bring you, over the next couple of months, a series of eight interviews featuring a cross-section of the diverse local community – the extraordinary and ordinary people in the city, their lives and their jobs, and opportunities to connect.

For the first story in this series, we caught up with GLoBALL’s multicultural director Salim Mahazi about Aussie Rules Football, and how sport can be used as a bridge between cultures.

We hope that you will, through this project, feel more connected and gain a greater sense of belonging to the wider community we are a part of in this city.

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