Why students should try indoor trampoline park, BOUNCEinc

FROM having a unique experience out with your friends to enjoying physical activity, Trinity College Foundation Studies students Akane Sakamoto, Claire Sunilai and Lousie Thai Linh give you top reasons why students should try indoor trampoline park BOUNCEinc.


Photo: Lousie Thai Linh

If you’re looking for a fun and new experience in Melbourne, one place that we recommend students visit is the indoor trampoline park known as BOUNCEinc.

The playground is situated in various locations around Victoria, with the Essendon Fields location being the closest for most students who reside in the city.

After we tried out the facility in a two-hour session, we came away with a few reasons why other students should consider checking it out it in their down time.

The price for students is $11 from Monday to Friday, with an additional $2.00 to buy special socks.

Indoor activity


Photo: Lousie Thai Linh

With Melbourne’s notoriously shifting weather, especially during the cold season, it is important for students to stay indoors and keep themselves warm. If you want to have fun and be active while doing so, look no further than BOUNCEinc.

Unique experience


Photo: Lousie Thai Linh

There is nothing like BOUNCEinc in Australia. On arrival, you will see many people enjoying new challenges at the massive trampoline centre, such as doing an absurd number of flips, running up walls and even playing dodge ball on trampolines!

The staff members don’t mind showing off their skilled trampolining moves either. If you are passionate about challenging yourself and love a sense of achievement, this is one way you can get satisfied.

Sports-like amusement 


Photo: Lousie Thai Linh

Trampolining is seen as one of the most effective forms of exercise. One’s sense of balance, awareness of their body and muscle tone can all be improved through bouncing on a trampoline.

Trampolining also increases the amount of endorphins released by the brain, which leads to less anxiety or stress.

And there’s good news for those who are on a diet: you can lose your body fat percentage! The pain in your muscles the next day will tell you that you did enough exercise…

To find out more about BOUNCEinc or book a session (or two), don’t hesitate to check out their official website.

This story was produced by Media and Communication students at Trinity College Foundation Studies as part of Meld’s community newsroom collab. Education institutions, student clubs/societies and community groups interested in being involved can get in touch us via meld@meldmagazine.com.au.

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