Security around Melbourne University stepped up following reports of theft and robbery

VICTORIA Police and University of Melbourne will increase security in and around campus grounds following reports of theft and robbery in the Melbourne and Carlton areas. Clara Ng reports.  


UPDATE: Monash University has also issued a safety alert to its students following the reports of crime in and around Melbourne University.

Victoria Police Inspector Michael McGinn assures Monash students that although they “have not identified any significant issues relating to similar offending around the Monash University”, police are regularly liaising with the university “to share crime prevention advice and address emerging issues before they become a problem”.

Reports of theft and robbery near the University of Melbourne’s campus grounds have led to increased vigilance by Victoria Police and campus security.

Since January 1, Victoria Police confirms it has arrested 69 offenders — 56 for theft and 13 for robbery — in relation to crimes happening in and around the Melbourne and Carlton areas, including the University of Melbourne precinct.

In response to these crimes, Victoria Police Superintendent David Clayton assured the safety of the student community and said Victoria Police was doing all it could “to prevent this behaviour from taking place in the future”.

“Uniform and covert police patrols have been increased in and around the university precinct to provide a highly visible police presence and deter criminal activity,” Superintendent Clayton said.

“The safety of our community members is our number one priority and we won’t tolerate people breaking the law.  Everyone has the right to feel safe in public.”

Victoria Police also met with the Chinese Consulate last month to address ongoing safety concerns as some victims, but not all, have been Chinese nationals.

The University of Melbourne also affirmed its staff and students were working closely with relevant agencies to address recent theft and robbery incidences in the vicinity of Lincoln Square.

In a statement, the University of Melbourne said a number of actions have taken place to ensure the safety of its students “including increasing security patrols and providing a dedicated security escort service for students.”

Furthermore, the University has also issued safety alerts for students through social media, their student portal and other internal channels, and has met with students about the issue.

The University of Melbourne offers support for theft victims through its Safer Community Program (SCP), which also issues safety alerts and other safety advice, and can be accessed by phone (03) 9035 8675 or email

In case of an emergency, students should call the University’s Security control room on (03) 8344 6666 or Victoria Police on 000.

Students are also encouraged to download the SCP’s free UniSafe app.

Should you witness any crime, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at Crime Stoppers’ official website.

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