Soundsekerta 2017: A harmonious evening of joy and diversity

How does a concert that has been going strong for more than a decade continue its momentum a year after its tenth birthday? By doing continuing to do what it has always done – delivering to its audience the kind of talent it wants to see. Returning for its 11th year, Soundsekerta 2017 has continued its mission to bring the very best in Indonesian music and performance to Melbourne.

Organised by Monash University’s Indonesian student group, PPIA (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia) the annual concert brought talented Indonesian singers and bands to the Melbourne Town Hall stage. Families, friends, students and other Indonesian expacts residing in Melbourne were gathered once more, celebrating their close-knitted community through the power of music.

Themed “Harmony in Diversity”, the music concert aimed to remind its audience the importance of remembering diversity as an ideal that unites them. This year’s Soundsekerta reinforced a healthy attitude towards those from different cultures, backgrounds, political views, and more.

Welcoming speeches from Soundsekerta’s Program Manager, Chris Pareira, and Project Advisor, Benazir Komarudin, reminded the audience on the importance of staying together as a nation and as a family no matter what differences each individual in the town hall may have. Mrs. Dewi Savitri Wahab, Consulate-General of the Republic of Indonesia in Victoria, also expressed her gratitude and her pride to see the hard work and achievements that Indonesian students have continually achieved and worked hard for in Melbourne.

What it’s all about for fans and concert-goers. Photo via Soundsekerta’s official Facebook page.

A powerful entrance by Isyana Sarasvati and The Tuttis opened the night. Well-known for her powerful voice and her musical talents, Isyana’s presence saw throngs of people rushing towards the front of the stage where everyone began to sing along with her.

Isyana, famous for her high notes voice and well-known as having the ‘golden voice’, roared with passion at the Melbourne Town Hall. With her friendly and funny personality, as well as that magical golden voice, it was not hard to see why the crowd in attendance loved her. Isyana Sarasvati continued to awe the audience, showing off her musical talents further by singing and performing  on the keyboard and the drums.

The second band was RAN, consisting of Rayi Putra on vocals, Asta Andoko on guitar and Anindyo “Nino” Baskoro, also on Vocals. The trio has been in the Indonesian music scene for more than a decade, and bring elements of jazz, R&B, rock, hip-hop and funk to their style of music. It was not hard for them to engage with the audience as their stage persona also attracted many to follow them.

The audience not only were participatory to the music but also to games as well, which were played by the hosts. One of the games’ participants just happened to be a local Australian musician, who performed an impromptu song from his own band! It was a strong reinforcement of Soundsekerta’s theme this year, and showed that diversity and harmony wasn’t just limited to the Indonesian community and that it was also inclusive of Melburnians who love Indonesian culture too.

Closing out the concert was Project Pop, veterans of the Indonesian music scene. Photo via Soundsekerta’s official Facebook page. 

The night ended with the spectacular comedic band Project Pop, hailing from Bandung, Indonesia. Consisting of Herman Josis Mokalu or Yosi, Muhammad Fachroni, Djoni Permato, Gurmilar Nurochman, Wahyu Rudi Astadi, and Kartika Rachel Setia Redjeki Panggabean, the group never failed to hype up the crowd; the atmosphere they created was joyous as the band brought contagious pop tunes and comical yet witty lyrics to Soundsekerta. Veterans in Indonesian entertainment, the band’s unique brand of comedy not only united people through song but through laughter as well.

The audience was especially touched and hyped towards the end with the song, “Ingatlah hari ini” (Remember today), due to its nostalgic lyrics as well and the nostalgia  it brought to the audience to their own youth when the song was popularised.

Yet again, PPIA Monash has done a terrific job of bringing talented Indonesian music artists into the land of Melbourne, furthering its mission to keep the Indonesian community closely connected to its roots while also expanding their community to those interested in it.

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