Future Founders Festival 2021: Where Dreams Become Startups.

The lockdown closed borders and sadly many business doors, but it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) shut the entrepreneurial soul that we have. The Future Founder Festival is coming online this July with leading entrepreneurs such as Jill Tang, Winitha Bonney, Richard Li sharing their career and startup journey. Get a chance to pitch your business ideas to them, or team up and participate in the 48-hour hackathon. Best of all, it’s completely free.

“Future Founders” employs exactly the soul of this event. It’s about the next great big idea, and us (international students) in the center of it. Sometimes it came from a question, or from an observation, or a desire to change things for the better. But once you’ve grasped the gist of that idea, what do you do next? Networking is easy, but making a genuine connection can be a challenge. How to find someone that can mentor you and give you support?

That’s why Start Space, launched by State Library of Victoria collaborated with Study Melbourne to bring the business minds of Australian students together. Started initially as a Festival, this year Future Founders Program has morphed into a year long project, connecting ahead of the curve entrepreneurs with those who are trying to climb up.

Future Founders Roadshow, the first stage of the program completed its travel across Victoria helping international students develop and learn about business making. Next on the calendar is the Future Founders Festival, with twenty speakers including Jill Tang, Richard Li, Dominic Soh, Aamir Qutub and Winitha Bonney as the principal speakers. That’s a lot of brains to pick.

Running over four days from 15th to 16th of July, the first two will be filled with inspirational talks while the latter is a pitch competition where you get the opportunity to converse with the speakers and compete as a team to present your business mind and win a prize.

It doesn’t stop there. Following august is the 48-hour Hackathon, and in September, Future Founders Bootcamp will push your business ideas forward (or out) in a two-week intensive venture. Lastly in November, Study Melbourne and Start Space will give $10,000 in funding to eight startups and a base at StartSpace HQ to let the ventures soar.

So, what’s there to lose? The program is open to all international students, with or without a business idea. The goal is to help you build confidence in starting out. If you’ve got an idea, join in! If you don’t, join still.

Register for the upcoming Future Founders Festival today through Eventbrite, or head through the StartSpace website to find out more about the program.






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