Picster: Sharing photos with the masses without the crashes

IF you’re constantly annoyed that it takes forever to upload photos online or even worse, that the uploads aren’t successful, Alyce Shaw presents a possible solution to that particular first-world problem.


It’s pretty painful uploading photos of a weekend getaway onto the internet because the process takes about a billion hours to complete. And to top it off, just before the conclusion of those billion hours, the computer crashes.

A possible solution to that first-world problem is Picster: a new photo-sharing app, which lets users create virtual photo albums to share via email, Facebook or Twitter.


The app is really easy to use. Photos from an iPhone or iPad uploaded to it will be neatly compiled into virtual photo albums. Those photo albums can be personalised with different backgrounds, corners, frames and basic filters (because everything looks better with a sepia tone).


Picster is free, but its additional features, such as special effects, have to be purchased from the App store.

Unfortunately, the app is currently only available for iPads and iPhones. No news about an Android version yet.

Overall, Picster is user-friendly and really good for sharing what you’ve been up to with family and friends online.

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