OCC POP UP Sydney 2021: The Live Event Strikes Back

The past year has pushed pop-culture fans to wear their capes and swing their swords at home, but this March, OZ Comic-Con sends the bat signal to the local Sydneysiders to come to Sydney Showground.  

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to go out, meet in groups and enjoy local events. So when the Meld team received an email about the event, we cried in glory. For the geeks, the TV-bingers, anyone who’s watching WandaVision or playing Among Us, this is our time. 

Running over the first weekend of March, the pop-up is full of game stations, panel talks, workshops and, best of all, merchandise from local artists. 

For those unfamiliar with the event, OCC Pop-up is a local event related to the annual OZ Comic-Con expo, focusing on community meetups and celebrating everything from comic books, games, television to movies and more.

Join a costume making workshop, sit down and play a board game, or try out your first cosplay competition at Cosplay Active. Compete solo, alongside your friends or even your pet! You might get a chance to be invited back for the future OZ Comic-Con. 

Costume-making workshop at the convention. Image provided by OZ Comic-Con.

It’s a great way for us to immerse ourselves in the community. One of the events include Creators Live where you can meet and interact with Australian streamers and content creators as well as join new community groups.

Cosplayer posed at the 2018 Melbourne OZ Comic-Con. Image provided by OZ Comic-Con.

In addition, local figures such as comic artist Queenie Chan, Christopher Sequeria (The Super Australians), Nicola Scott (from the famous Nightwing picture) and cosplayer JusZ Cosplay are set to attend and make the weekend more dynamic. 

Unlike previous conventions, the event will follow COVID-19 guidelines and regulations to ensure a fun and safe environment for everyone. 

This means that full day passes will be limited and session tickets will be sold more, in order to help control the number of attendees. Check out more about the times and event FAQ here

So put on your cosplay and go experience the OCC POP-UP at Sydney Showground from 6-7th of March 2021. Check out the OZ Comic-Con website for more information and tickets.  


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