The Weekender: May 11 – 13

Melbourne City DNA
Until Sunday, May 13 | The Hub (Cobblestones),  Meat Market, 5 Blackwood St, Melbourne

Learn more about what makes Melbourne so unique at the Melbourne City DNA exhibition, running as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week.

The exhibition showcases the maps and the stories of this city, the information collected and the projects undertaken. It is a showcase of emerging technology that spins a yarn about Melbourne by presenting the city’s data sets and projects to life.

Explore where the city’s been, where it is currently and where it could potentially be in the future through advanced technology mediums including augmented reality, virtual reality, 3d visualisation and interactive maps.

This is a free exhibition. To find out more, visit the exhibition’s official page over at Melbourne Knowledge Week’s website.

Canine Choreography
Saturday, May 11 & Sunday, May 12 (6.00pm and 8.30pm) | Collingwood Arts Precinct

Danielle Reynolds embarks on a humorous and sincere investigation to showcase freestyle dog dancing, dubbed “canine freestyle”.

This popular contemporary dog sport requires massive agility and obedience training of the dogs. Expect to see handler and dog share the stage equally in choreography, costume and music.

Ms Reynolds will also work with participants and their dogs before the performance by setting up a micro arena to practice before presenting the spectacle.

Tickets to Canine Choreography range from $17-20. For more information and to book tickets, visit the event page at Next Wave’s website.

Colony and The Field Revisited
Until July 18 (10.00am – 5.00pm daily) | NGV Australia (Federation Square)

Students keen to learn a little more about Australia can visit the National Gallery of Victoria where two exhibitions closely explore Australia’s complex colonial past, the art that emerged during and in response to the period, and showcase the range of art offered in Australia’s past.

Colony spreads itself across two exhibits: Australia 1770 – 1861 and Frontier Wars. Both offer parallel experiences of settlement by the British in the land they claimed from the Aboriginals which we now know as Australia.

The Field Revisited, meanwhile, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the NGV’s landmark exhibition, The Field. As the name suggests, The Field Revisted will present these works to match as closely as possible to the original layout and design of the original exhibit when it was launched as NGV’s inaugural exhibition in 1968 at its premises on St Kilda Rd.

The Field is cited as one of the most innovative exhibitions of its generation so seeing it for yourself will no doubt transport you to a simpler time.

Learn more about both exhibitions at the official website for the National Gallery of Victoria.

Australian Music Vault
Mondays – Saturdays (9.00am – late); Sundays and Public Holidays (10.00am – 5.00pm) | Arts Centre Melbourne (100 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne)

The Australian Music Vault features a free, immersive exhibition showcasing Australian music, innovative digital participatory experiences and iconic objects from the Australian Performing Arts Collection.

Featuring an array of artifacts from various music genres and times, such as Chrissy Amphlett’s schoolgirl tunic and Dami Im’s Eurovision gown, this is the exhibition to be if you want to see what Australia’s rich musical history has given to to the country.

Other icons you can find at the exhibition include Paul Kelly, Kylie Minogue, Archie Roach and SO MUCH MORE.

Immerse yourself Australia’s rich history of popular music and engage your senses at the Australian Music Vault!

More information can be found at its offiical website.

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